Dating a scorpio male

A Scorpio man wants to make his love happy and goes the extra mile to make her feel seen. Sure, talk can be cheap, and if he says that he loves you but you’re just not feeling it, you should take a look at the situation.

However, if a Scorpio says he loves you, take him at face value.

If your Scorpio man goes out of his way to bring you soup (or Chinese takeout) and cough medicine when you’re sniffly, you know he wants to take care of you.

Don’t be afraid to show your appreciation once you’re feeling better. And he knows how you like your tea, and what side of the couch you like to sit on, and that you hate feeling wrinkles on your clothes.

Let him know that you see this and treasure his trust.

And make sure you’re as comfortable letting him into your heart as he has been letting you into his.

One of the main Scorpio male traits is a tendency toward honesty.