Dating a guy who is still on match

Which might not be exactly what you want to hear, but it’s progress.You’ve taken a proactive role in your love life, which is a whole lot more satisfying that hanging back and hoping things will magically go your way.

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Dating a guy who is still on match bill murray dating

I’m still casually dating others, but I really enjoy the time I spent with him the most (and hope that he’s starting to feel the same way).

Not a lot to describe here, since it’s still in the beginning stages, but the chemistry I feel with him is great and I could definitely see him in my future.

I’ve been dating this guy who I met on an online dating website since the beginning of December.

Things have been moving along fine – we see each other about 1-2 times per week and spent NYE together.

Yes, I would agree that if he’s revamping his profile, he’s still out there looking for prospective partners. But it does speak to his intentions and how he operates. Some people might say that maybe he trusts her or maybe he’s just absent minded. For all you know, he was checking your profile as well and saw that you had logged on recently.