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“In contrast, an emotionally distant, disengaged, physically absent or overly protective father undermines his young daughter’s endeavor excitement, autonomy and assertiveness, which tends to undermine her academic and vocational success later in life.”For White-Hunt, 64, and owner of Detroit-Windsor Dance Academy, a studio in which for 10 years her father was an integral part of the daughter-father dance program, her memories are that of a man who worked at the post office, and retired only to take another job delivering newspapers, all to take care of his family.Through it all he made time for her and her siblings.“I have priceless memories of my dad sitting at the table with me making sure I knew my times tables, forbidding us from taking phone calls at the dinner table, setting a 9 o’clock phone curfew and no dating until age 16, and telling us to use our own judgement,” recalls White-Hunt.Linda Nielsen, a professor of educational and adolescent psychology at Wake Forest University and an expert in daughter-father relationships, stresses that the daddy-daughter bond begins in infancy and affects the daughter negatively or positively throughout her life.“The involved, attentive father promotes his young daughter’s ‘endeavor excitement’ - the pleasure a child experiences when independently exploring and mastering new skills.

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Facts and Brief History Fathers' Day is a special day to honor not only our dads but those who've been a father figure to us.

In the United States, Fathers' Day falls on the third Sunday of the month of June.

It is believed that the idea for a "fathers' day" started in 1909 when Sonora Louise Smart Dodd, after hearing mass on Mothers' Day, realized that fathers like her own dad, William Jackson Smart, should also be honored.

William Smart lost his wife after she gave birth to their sixth child.

After her death, William Smart raised all his six children, a huge responsibility for any single parent.