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Alarmingly sexy surroundings compared to the singles alternative valentines which would usually consist of a lone bottle of Merlot and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s.

My roommate and I were having fun wrestling in large inflated sumo suits that you see at events and carnivals.

When I walked back over to a group of friends afterward, someone said, 'Nice job, Kristen!

It was only a second as he was walking around a corner, but he remembers that second as clearly as I do, as if it were yesterday.

I had never seen a more good-looking guy (granted, I was only 15, but I had had my share of boyfriends). He kissed me for the first time (although he will tell you I was the one who kissed him), and I swear, my breath caught, my head swooned, and we both knew that this was something more than a passing fling.

It turned out we were both going through breakups and we started talking about our love for animals and he said, 'I have two cats and Dobermans are my favorite dog.' Ahhhh! I've always loved dobies, had a cat at the time, and just love animals in general.


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    Jamie Foxx may have been the guest of honor at his 48th birthday party ... We're told Jamie's friends threw a surprise bash for him at Le Bilboquet in NYC Saturday night -- and of course, there was major star power, including Alicia Keys and rumored GF Katie Holmes.

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