Kerala sex chat women - Current recordset does not support updating adodb

Public Sub cmdbtt_Add_Click() Dim con As New ADODB. Connection Dim ls DSN As String Dim obj RS As New ADODB. The only time you explicitly release an object is if you explicitly instanciate it.

current recordset does not support updating adodb-28

Update Batch Also, is it your intention that you should have a new record for each field?

Execute "DELETE * FROM REGION" 'Open Excel Connection Set cnn Excel = Server.

Recordset ls DSN = "Provider=sqloledb;" & _ "Network Library=DBMSSOCN;" & _ "Data Source=,1433;" & _ "Initial Catalog=abc;" & _ "User ID=sa;" & _ "Password=a C852088" Dim numberid As Integer Dim sex As String con.

Open ls DSN SQL = "SELECT * FROM id ORDER BY id" obj RS.

OLEDB.12.0; Data Source=" & str Access File Path & "; Persist Security Info=False;" cnn Access. Here is an Access query which mimics what I think you're trying to do.


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