Comcast data usage meter not updating

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First up, is the watch itself: Next, we have the USB charging and data sync cable: Then, we have the USB wall charger adapter, so you can charge using a wall outlet instead. Then, if you bought the package with the heart rate strap, you’ll have that: Tucked away as a clever piece of packing, is actually the bike mount – which I missed when I first took the initial unboxing pictures, but thankfully didn’t throw away: And finally, last but not least, is the nifty paper quick start guide: When the watch was first announced, most (like myself) were pretty excited to see a GPS watch in a semi-normal looking wrist form factor.

However, when I finally got a hold of my Global Trainer, I realized that while it looked normal…it was actually just about the same size as all the other large GPS watches out there today.

Finally, it actually looked like a normal Timex watch – a huge plus in many triathletes minds.

I went out and purchased the Timex Ironman GPS Global Trainer (just like any other athlete) in early June and after writing my First Look Review then, I’ve been using it constantly since.

During my discussion with them I grilled them for over an hour on everything and anything I could think of, and their answers in turn made there way into this in depth review.