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Right in the abstract of the paper in PLo S One, the authors called intelligent design “a purportedly scientific theory that lacks any scientific evidence,” as opposed to “evolutionary theory (ET), a theory supported by a large body of scientific evidence.” It presented belief in ID as a psychological problem that needs to be remedied through education and mental manipulation.

The press release even got the definition of ID wrong: British evolutionary biologist Prof.

The article gave complete credence to Tracy’s study and opinions. Tracy, Hart and Martens, “ Death and Science: The Existential Underpinnings of Belief in Intelligent Design and Discomfort with Evolution,” PLo S One, 6(3): e17349. Time to turn the tables and psychoanalyze the psychs.

Wasn’t it fear of death and judgment that turned many a Darwinist to atheism – a convenient escape from worry about the hereafter? And isn’t it easy for anyone to call their critics crazy?

Understand: Science Daily and Phys Org are shills for the PR departments of the Darwin-drunk universities. If Darwin-lovers think they can turn the pseudoscience of psychology on their critics, well, guess what; their critics can return the favor.


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