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As the years pass, for many couples communication falters and the sex life falls flat or disappears entire...Sexologist, Veronica Monet, delves deep into the wisdom of the womb* with An Ra and As Ra Ma El as her expert guides.Internationally published photographer Marian Brickner asks "Why do we kill each other?

How can you use anger to super-charge your sex life?

What if anything does anger have to do with Kinky Sex?

You hear those two words uttered together often enough but did you know that Sex can PREVENT Violence?

Find out how in this informative episode of The Shame Free Zone as research scientist Vanessa Woods and Veronica Monet violate taboos in search of s...

" Explore this and other amazing, cutting edge capabilities of the human mind-body connection including how your car becomes an extension of your own body and new scientific research helping deaf people to hear sound wit...