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For one, the movie doesn’t appear to alleviate the underrepresentation of dark skinned black women in leading roles, especially as love interests.

This is a legitimate industry problem, but I don’t see this as a problem inherent to the movie itself (as it is in other notorious biopics).

The book illustrates how hateful narratives, stereotypes, and lies about black women are used to justify their sexual exploitation and their rejection as wives.

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Ruth Negga, who stars in the leading role as Mildred Loving, also Skyped in from London to do a live interview with us.

There’s still a surprising number of people who have never heard the history of Mildred and Richard Loving, despite its significance in the Civil Rights legacy.

A significant aspect of the marriage institution is combining economic assets and bearing “legitimate” or legal heirs to the family’s legacy.

By making it illegal to marry black people, white society tried to guarantee that their wealth would never fall into the hands of blacks.

Thus, white men could produce all the “colored” children they wanted so long as those children did not have legal right to inherit their father’s wealth.