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The Passover of the first death is 2018Nisan14 which is 2018March31/April1.This is when the last human falls asleep in the first death to be resurrected on festival/weekly Sabbath first fruits of 2018Nisan16/21 starts at or after 2017Nisan9-2017Iyyar1, 3 months of Luke-56 after the 2nd/3rd fire signs, during Greek winter and during the Sabbath year.But we do understand that there have been 4 true Christian churches, the Way, the Light, the Truth and the Life.

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Nuclear terrorism will be the stumbling block of Daniel2 for mankind.

The 3rd Holy Spirit, the South wind, is completed at the 4th marriage on 2017Nisan18 and starts blowing on veil lifting day of 2017Nisan25 and becomes operational at the 4th marriage Pentecost on 2017Sivan7 and takes over Zoar directly at the late 4th marriage Pentecost on 2017Tammuz7.

So you will see a lot of attempts to do this all over this website. This number of mistakes is predicted by the number of no show false prophets of Asherah who were invited but failed to attend the contest in 1Kings18 between Elijah and the 450 prophets of Baal.

There were 400 false prophets of Asherah who failed to show up for the contest although invited and they stand for the 400 no show false predictions we have made, a false prophet for a false prediction and a no showing prophet for a no showing sign.

The first was the church of the apostles of Jesus which became the Roman Catholic church and became corrupt and fell as a true church in 83-84 BC (feeding first new covenant saints, 1NCs, for 50 years of one of the groups who sat down in the feeding of the 5,000 in Mark6 after it had 5,000 members of Acts 4:4 after having been appointed to feed on 33Nisan16, (first fruits day). Paul, which lasted for over 360 years but was eventually persecuted out of existence by the Roman Catholic church.