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A large, formal one is projected to be built in Khabarovsk.

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In some Rodnover groups, Rod is at the same time the primordial and only god, the fountain that begets all the gods and all the things existing, The latter term has been employed by Alexander Aratov, editor of the Moscow radical newspaper Russkaia Pravda, identifying traditional knowledge as a scientific truth instead of a belief, claiming that the Slavs "know", "understand", "view" (vedali) rather than "believe" (verali).

There are many such temples throughout Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Piotr Wiench has claimed that nationalism is less important than ecology to most groups, describing "a movement inspired by nature-based spirituality".

Aitamurto describes a number of common themes, such as nationalism, concern for the environment, warrior themes and indigenous values.

In the absence of extensive written or archaeological evidence for the destroyed Slavic religions, these artistic visions were important in rebuilding interest in the lost Slavic heritage after the unmitigated condemnation of medieval Christian writers.


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