Are charlyne yi and michael cera dating

CY: Yeah, I mean, we had a list of young actors we were trying to envision…how would the story go if Jonah Hill played the part?I was like, “That’s creepy.” And so from there, we were like, “Oh, what if we made a movie about that, so that’s all fiction, and use the documentary portions to brace the film, and hopefully make it have a bit more weight to it? It’s a simple love story between them, and he was like, “But I don’t want to just do, like, the three-act structure, a kind of cheesy romantic comedy.” And so I think the documentary stuff is supposed to break that up, so it’s a way to tell a very simple story.

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We shot over 300 hours of footage of just improv-ing scenes, and hopefully that would somehow contribute to the story.

JJ: And we didn’t have a script, we just had an outline, so all the scenes—we wouldn’t ever really know where it was going.

Eventually we came to the conclusion, “Oh, it’d be awesome to get Michael for this part.” It’s also hard to convince someone to play a character of themselves, in case there was confusion from the audience, and how people would react to that.

But I think that was the thing he liked about it, so that was good.

” And us being like, “We’re shooting a movie,” and he’s like, “He’s a movie star, man, who cares? ” So I guess the beauty of having permits and having a bigger budget is that you avoid drunks.