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We invite each of you to take part in any number of our contests during your stay at Otakuthon. Test your budding voice actor skills in a friendly showdown. Watch a short video clip of a dance, of a one-liner or of a "technique" then mimic what you saw.Impress everyone with whatever you've got to win any of our prize packs. You will be challenged on a variety of interesting scenes. ", while others will be more complicated like a soliloquy from Death Note's Kira! Three couples will be asked questions about their partners and do their best to match each other's answers. If you wish to participate and have not pre-registered, please go see the contest host for further instructions. It could be anything from the poses and the dialogue of the Sailor Moon introduction to the Kamehameha in DBZ!In any case, when it isn't important to be precise, these terms are often used interchangeably.

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It could be as easy as "BAN-KAI" to as difficult as "...-Ron".

Below you'll find some of the most frequently asked questions about cosplay at Anime Boston, including the Masquerade and the Cosplay Games.

Here is a adorable one that is a mix of science-fiction, horror, romance, and, well, it is part of many different genres. Meet Lily, and on a day when the two of you are having some horribly bad luck; you have both lost your memories!

Your choices influence which way the story goes, and finishes with one of fifteen possible endings!

" Or will that ending keep spinning away, like your memories?