Age dating redwood coast

Many of these trees may be even older than their listed ages, but the oldest wood in the tree has rotted away.

For some old trees, so much of the centre is missing that their age cannot be directly determined.

Some want to protect a place of peace and beauty forever.

Others pitch in to restore the forests that have been lost to decades of destruction.

Grace Cathedral archivist, Michael Lampen, confirmed that the redwood piece was originally showcased by the California Redwood Company in the Humboldt area in the 1950s and eventually given to the cathedral by Mr. To answer this interesting question, Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative researcher, Allyson Carroll, visited Grace Cathedral recently to see what she could decipher from a close look at the redwood altar’s wood.

Allyson’s expertise in the field of dendrochronology (the study of tree rings) has helped us discover how the local environment leaves a distinct pattern in the wood of coast redwood and giant sequoia trees.

A colony of Huon pine trees covering 2.5 acres (1.0 ha) on Mount Read, Tasmania is estimated to be around 10,000 years old, as determined by DNA samples taken from pollen collected from the sediment of a nearby lake.