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Residence Inn By Marriott Torrance Redondo Beach, Torrance, California - Reviewed by Margarete Gabriele on 2011-10-11Pets: 2 persian well trained cats When I checked in online- their website does not specifically say they charge a $100 non-refundable pet fee. They wanted me to sign it and told me that I would be charged a $100 pet fee.

When my boss/friend talked to the hotel staff there- she did mention that I had two cats and my duaghter. When I checked-out they said one of the maids saw a cat and a dog- I do not own a dog. I told them that was wrong and they should have told my boss that there is a $100 pet fee. They charged me the same rate as if I were staying in a two bedroom suite.

This should have been mentioned before I got there. She said she would have to ask the maid service why They called me back in 10 minutes and told me that the guy below me ordered this and the maid came to the wrong room. I called at 11am - the maid came with only 2 pillows- and told me that's all they had. Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Seattle, Washington - Reviewed by Christine Langford on 2011-10-08Pets: 2 Black Labs Our stay at the Fairmont exceeded our expectations. Our pets were welcomed as special guests with their own bottled water and treats. Holiday Inn San Francisco-civic Center, San Francisco, California - Reviewed by Michelle on 2011-09-15Pets: 65lb pitbull adolescent I highly recommend staying at this particular Holiday Inn in San Francisco because it is best set-up for pets. I would definitely stay here again with my pet or without.

Especially if you request a room with balcony or extended balcony (one balcony runs into another without boundaries thus creating a huge space for dogs to roam in the confines of the hotel). Super8 Garner Claytn Ralegh A, Garner, North Carolina - Reviewed by Cheryl on 2011-09-01Pets: flat coated retriever, adult cat We stayed here when we evacuated our coastal home for Hurricane Irene.

The manager said I should have mentioned my cats when I arrived and checked in. I was so tired when I checked in- they gave me a key to a room that was occupied as well. Then the second night I was there - the maid service bang on my door at Pm - I was cooking - my daughter let her walk in. Turned out she switched these wonderful feather pillow with synthetic pillows.