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I'm very dedicated to wearing and enjoyng my diapers to the fullest. i am laying here on my bed, im laying on my tummy checking emails and doing everything else that i need to do i wet myself and i didnt even try, it just came out. Ever since having kids, I've become attracted to the idea of diapers, especially poopy ones.

thats the first time it has happened while im awake. For some reason I have allways had a diaper fetish. Changing diapers was fun, but it was the smell..just turned me on so much!

Spanking, corporal punishment, scholastic discipline, female correction and humiliations.

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But, I'm always really embarrassed about it when she walks in on me while I'm actually putting on my... I have only started experimenting with adult diapers, it has always been a fantasy of mine to put on a diaper and wet. I'll take naps when you want me to, sit down and...