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Over the past two or three years, a slew of new texturing, re-meshing, and UV mapping tools have emerged that have made the once tedious process of surfacing a 3D model a lot more enjoyable.

Whether it's a one-click UV solutions, or a sophisticated 3D painting app, you're bound to find something on this list that makes you like texturing just a little bit more: While the chief use for each of these three packages is digital sculpting and high-poly detailing, they all do much more than that.

Most of these requests relate to basic painting functionality and quality of life things.

Imagine rotating the camera so a human is lying flat horizontally along the screen with the side body profile facing you. color ) only BUT also the ability to color pick the color regardless of a layers blending mode. In 3D coat there is a tick box on the picker tool to untick: “choose color from all layers” so you just get the local color on that layer regardless of its blending mode. Currently there is corruption, sorting order and all sorts of other visual bugs in the current alpha rendering.

- Allow painting on the opposite side of a mesh without needing to have the UV’s laid out on top of each other. - Brush improvements: Hue / Saturation jitter- Brush improvements: Opacity and Flow improvements. It feels like this isn’t possible with the current setup?

Can we also split up the main shelf so the user can separate the folders that form the three core columns around independently and not tied to the “shelf” group? Let me pull out brushes and let it float while all the rest can be independently organized to the user’s desire. - merge down layers- An option to view the cage when baking in the viewport.- improve shadow tech so it doesn’t flicker and "calculate" for a few sections each time things are rotated. - Painting materials seem to not update correctly at times with shadow on until you rotate the camera/light.- In the texture exporter in 1.7.3 I accidently deleted a channel in one of the presets. copy the color channel information from a layer and paste it into a mask?

Is there a way to restore export channels to default preset?

Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.